AI Agents And RAG
AI agents and Custom RAG is our enterprise offering for organizations to create enterprise-class custom chatbots and AI agents.

Build complex LLM apps that can access various structured and unstructured data sources, make decisions in real-time, execute code, and automate business processes such as contract understanding, claims management, document generation, sales and marketing, tech, and customer support.
Equip your team with powerful AI agents
Orchestrate complex RAG apps across systems
Improve employee productivity by 100-500%
Automate complex tasks and let AI do all the heavy lifting
AI agents and complex RAG chatbots can help you become an AI-first organization.
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Example of AI Agents And Custom Rag Chatbots Built on Abacus AI
Permission Based KnowledgeBase Chat
Custom chatbots based on enterprise roles and permissions
Rag Chatbot Across Multiple Source
Connect all your structured and unstructured data sources
Legal Document Creator
Generate documents in sectors like insurance, legal, finance, and healthcare
RFP Management Tools
RFP management tools: create and summarise RFP responses with ease
On-The-Fly Dashboards and Insights
Deploy a real-time data visualization agent
Contract Analysis Tool
Tailor-made assistant for understanding and creating contracts
Customer Support and Tech Support Bot
24/7 customer assistance chatbot
Marketing and Sales Email Generator
Personalized email campaign creator
Financial Document Analyzer
Intelligent financial report analyzer
Sales Lead Analyst
Combines predictive models and company information to analyze sales leads
Email Report and Alerts
Custom email alerts and reports based on specific triggers.
Smart Router Based on Calendar
Assign meetings and other tasks based on availability
  • Create AI Agents Across Your Structured and Unstructured Data Sources 
  • Create Custom Agents For Different Tasks 
  • Build and Host LLM Apps and Agents At Scale 
Enterprise Ready
The AI Agents from Abacus AI come with enterprise grade security, governance, compliance and high availability. Can be deployed in an airtight environment.
Supports Chaining
Support chaining of multiple requests to build applications or Advanced AI Agents.
The AI Agents can be scaled horizontally to meet your throughout and latency requirements. Can serve thousands of concurrent requests with minimal latency.
The AI Agents have access to a real-time vector store to retrieve the relevant context when required.
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