Discrete Optimization
Increase revenue, reduce costs and improve profitability by optimizing your resources while adhering to your business constraints. Sequence Optimizers with machine learning models to handle both hard and soft constraints.
Optimally allocate constrained resources to maximize profits
Optimize shift scheduling to improve productivity
Reduce costs by moving goods optimally through supply chain
With Abacus.ai you can access state of the art solvers to generate optimal solutions to your problems within minutes. The solvers are extremely customizable and very intuitive to use. These solvers can also be combined with our state of the art machine learning models to solve real world business problems where one can optimize for soft constraints while adhering to the hard constraints
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For enterprises

With Abacus.ai you can solve a wide variety of problems and set up diverse constraints using our simple and standardized UI. You can also combine the optimizers with machine learning models to solve real world business problems.
Automated Pipelines and Re-training
Setup automated pipelines to reoptimize as constraints evolve over time. We will automatically create your data pipeline to import data directly from your data warehouse, data lake or your favorite spreadsheet with just a click or an API call.
Abacus.ai optimizer is extremely scalable and can handle large number of variables and constraints.
Rich Console + Analytics
Our rich and user-friendly console provides an easy interface for you to tweak your data, build models, evaluate them and view predictions.
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