LLM and Retrieval APIs
Use our LLM APIs or set up RAG on open-source LLMs
Instantly use LLM APIs
20x cheaper than GPT-4o
High throughput, low latency
Customize chunking, embedding, and retrieval strategies to suit your needs
With the Abacus.AI platform, you can build and scale LLM applications within minutes
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Pricing - 20x cheaper than GPT-4o
Base Model Parameters Price
Llama-3 8B
  • Input: $0.10 / MTok
  • Output: $0.40 / MTok
Llama-3 70B
  • Input: $0.30 / MTok
  • Output: $0.80 / MTok
retrieval PRICE
Cost per application $0.2/GB/day
Unbeatable Value
Abacus RAG APIs are not only competitively priced but offer unparalleled performance, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.
Intuitively Designed
Crafted with superior design principles, our APIs provide the most straightforward and intuitive access to open-source LLMs, making integration a breeze..
Ample Choices
At Abacus, we support wide variety of open source LLMs - Llama, Giraffe, etc - and also let you customize the various components of your RAG.
Superior Service Level Agreements
Our SLAs are either on par with or surpass those of similar services in terms of performance, ensuring you experience minimal downtime and receive prompt support when needed..
Robust Security and Scalability
With a rich history of catering to enterprise clients, we at Abacus prioritize security and scalability above all. Rest assured, our services are SOC2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant, providing a reliable foundation for your business operations..
Stateful API
Simplify your application development process with Abacus Stateful APIs, eliminating the need for constructing state machines..
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